Feature comparison of the top property management services

Many newly expanding hosts have a hard time managing everything that has to go on behind the scenes for a successful stay. I’ve already written about how I think that Your Porter is the best tool to use to help with that.  But I also know that not everyone is going to prefer that tool. So I decided to write a summary of the main features of some of the most popular property management softwares out there. 

All of them integrate natively with Airbnb. Some of them integrate with other channels, as well. AirGMS is the only one that only works with Airbnb.

But be careful when a website tells you that it “integrates” with other booking channels. A lot of apps will say this, when in reality they only provide iCal integration. This is not as robust as a full API integration, and you may have some trouble getting everything to sync across channels with a simple iCal integration. 

A few of them, Hostaway and Lodgify in particular, are also direct booking platforms. So they’re designed to allow you to create your own site and accept bookings directly from there, thus cutting out the middle man of Airbnb, Booking.com, etc. Be aware that, while you will not have to pay the booking fees you normally would on those short-term rental sites, this comes with its own set of challenges. There is no way of vetting guests when they are booking directly with you, so you’ll need to take extra precautions to make sure you protect yourself. 

Several also charge differently depending on how many listings you have. Guesty is the only one in this list that charges a percentage of booking fees instead of a flat monthly rate (they also charge a 1-time set-up fee). I found Uplisting’s price page to be a little confusing; basically, they charge $10 per listing, per month for the first 10 listings; after that, they charge $5 per listing per month. Be sure to read the pricing page for all of these services carefully before signing up!

The feature comparison table of all 6 services is below. Happy hosting!