Traveling stories

Dealing with bad hosts

It’s easy to find horror stories about terrible Airbnb guests. It’s a bit like news articles on plane crashes – although not common, they’re noteworthy, and always get a lot of attention.  It seems somewhat more difficult to find horror stories about terrible Airbnb hosts. I suppose that could be a good thing – ostensibly […]

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Keep your keys straight!

A few months ago my husband and I stayed with a lovely older married couple in Pennsylvania.  We arrived mid-afternoon; they chatted with us for a bit, showed us our room, asked if we needed anything else, and gave us a key to the house, in case we decided to go out later. It was […]

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Are your guests giving you a hint?

    Last year I stayed with a couple in Nashville while I was attending a conference there.  They were friendly enough people, the room was comfortable, and the house was clean. My strongest memory of them, however, is of how much they talked.  My conference was 3 full days of lectures, networking, and general “extrovert” […]

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