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Lessons from Traveling to Mexico

lessons from my trip to Mexico

It’s that time of year again, and I “got bit.”But, just to be clear, I didn’t mind at all getting bitten by the travel bug 😉 My younger sister graduated from high school recently, and to celebrate, we decided to take a trip to Mexico together. We visited Oaxaca, which, it turns out, is the […]

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Writing reviews – when the host is a guest

Writing a review - when the host is a guest

I hope my story last week doesn’t dissuade you from leaving honest reviews of your hosts when you travel. The simple fact is that, without reviews of both hosts and guests, Airbnb would cease to exist. Without reliable outside commentary, no one would trust each other enough to use Airbnb.  Helpful, detailed reviews are critically important.  […]

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Hosting friends vs. guests

hosting guests vs hosting friends

There’s a conversation I had last year that has stuck with me as if it were yesterday. I was staying in an Airbnb in Nashville, TN. The hosts were friendly and talkative to the point of being slightly annoying. For some reason, the wife felt a need to tell me all about her philosophy on […]

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