Tuesday Tips

Two Essential Tools to Manage and Scale Your Business

Two things that have helped with my business success over the years are checklists and spreadsheets. Now before you pooh-pooh them, ya’ gotta understand how versatile they are! They have allowed me to do 3 important things, not necessarily in this order: In this first video, I explain how checklists have helped me scale my business with a new client […]

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Tuesday Tip: Add Local touches

Adding local touches can make a big difference

One of my favorite Airbnb stays was in a tent.  Granted, it was a really fancy tent – had a couch, queen-sized bed, heater, and more – the very perfect example of glamping. But it was still a tent. What I loved about it so much, though, was not the canvas walls, but the homey […]

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Tuesday Tip: Travel Brochures

Pick up some travel brochures for your guests

Whenever I travel, I love finding hosts who have taken the time to leave travel brochures from their area in their space. It’s just that extra little detail that really makes me feel welcome. There are three advantages to including travel brochures for your guests: they cost nothing, take almost no effort for you to […]

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