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I’m a homebody with a love affair with travel, an introvert who loves people, a go-getter entrepreneur who is constantly doubting herself. Basically, I’m a study in contrasts – and that’s ok! I’ve learned that the best gift I can give the world is myself – all of me, warts and all. I love dancing, board games, and obscure quirks of the English language. And maps. I simply can’t ever get enough of maps. Find out more about me below. 


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Much of the good stuff happens over on my blog. I share crazy hosting stories I’ve experienced (the good and the bad), lessons learned, practical tips for helping you be a successful host with as little headache as possible, and more. Check it out when you can! And leave a comment if you feel so inclined. I love hearing from my readers :). 

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We donate 10% of our earnings to the Global Fund for Women

This is more than a job for me. It’s a calling. That’s why I donate 10% of every dollar earned to the Global Fund for Women, which works to increase women’s equality across the globe. ” (with) incredible challenges…come opportunities for meaningful change in systems, structures, and societies around the globe.

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My ultimate goal is to help you succeed and grow. From checklists and contract templates…to courses to coaching…and lots of stuff in-between! Everything I offer in my store is designed to help you serve your guests better and be the best you can be. Check out what I have to offer below

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