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Lauren makes Airbnb EASY

We we lucky to find Airbnb made simple through a friend when we were searching for someone to manager our property. Lauren has been fantastic, she is knowledgeable about Airbnb, customer service and satisfaction as well as household maintenance and upkeep. She has not only taken care of our property and the guests, she has also made suggestions for simple improvements to the property that we hadn’t considered. We have been extremely pleased and would recommend Lauren to anyone looking for an Airbnb property manager. In addition, the reviews we have received on our property rave about how attentive Lauren is and how quickly she responds!

Kate H.

Highly recommend

Lauren has been our AirBnb manager for years now and it has been a great experience. As expected, Lauren was able to take over virtually every facet of the space and its management and help it meet its potential. She did a great job listening to what we wanted and how we hoped it would go and has done an excellent job helping our space reach its potential both in presentation and in earnings. I have every confidence that the decisions she makes will improve our business and minimize our time commitment. Lauren is good at communicating how things are going and responding to our feedback and we have earned several thousand dollars that we wouldn’t have otherwise. We highly recommend her whether you want someone who will work with you on your AirBnb or whether you are looking for a hands off experience.

Andrew A.

Truly cares and delivers real value

When I first met Lauren, I didn’t realize she was a Cohost. I was skeptical of the cohosting business model, and mistakenly thought there wasn’t money to be made there. Boy, am I glad I met her! She completely changed my mind.

Her Cohost Accelerator course gave me the confidence I needed to expand my business, and helped me to be aware of issues, pitfalls, and helpful automation tips before I even started with a client.

I’m less than 3 weeks in on my first listing, and we are already live and have had 3 stays! I couldn’t have done any of this without Lauren’s help.

The course is perfect for everyone, experienced hosts and complete novices alike. The first part gives you some essential things to know about hosting on Airbnb, and though most of it I was familiar with, it was still cool to see another person’s methodology and best practices, and I did end up adopting some of her practices, which greatly simplified my life and business.

The second part is truly a Cohost boot camp. Lauren packs this part of the course full of important checklists, documents, an AMAZING contract, and the best part– recognizing and steering clear of problem clients by identifying key red flags.

Again, after her course, I could confidently walk into my first experience as a Cohost prepared, and able to communicate with my property owners like an expert. I definitely recommend that you sign up today and get started! Lauren is a part of the small minority of people on the internet who actually care about your business and growth and who deliver VALUE and not just fluff. Whatever your needs are, I’m sure you can’t go wrong working with her.

Renee J.

Treats us like family

Lauren does a great job of keeping up with and responding promptly to inquiries. She shares her wealth of information and offers tips to make our place more comfy and home-y for our visitors. You’ll be as totally comfortable having her manage *your* place as we are with *ours*!

Pat L.

A rare gem!

Lauren is a rare gem. She cares so much about what she does and who she does it with and for. Our guests constantly rave about her clear communication, kindness and hospitality. And it’s true- she is absolutely excellent at making our guests feel welcome, loved and cared for. As a host, we feel like we have a true partner in Lauren. We feel heard, valued and appreciated. And, she makes our role so easy. It is literally her mission to take all of the work that comes along with hosting off our plates and simply cut us a check each month for being willing to dedicate a portion of our space to Airbnb guests. It’s an extra monthly income source that we wouldn’t otherwise have and it’s a true joy to welcome guests into our home each week.

Maggie H.

No regrets

Lauren has been such a great property manager. Me and my husband moved to a house, so we wanted to rent out our apartment on Airbnb. Lauren pretty much took over everything, and I felt like all my worries and needs were addressed. She communicates so well with guests and treats your home like it’s yours. The guests gave her and the property such wonderful reviews. I was very skeptical about putting our property on Airbnb and not getting a return for our risk, but it has been so worth it. If you are looking for someone who is honest, dependable, trustworthy, and smart, she is the person to use for property management. If I could go back, I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so much Lauren!

Melody S.


Lauren’s management assistance has been invaluable. Her knowledge of Air BnB, personal guidance for me, and courteous handling of our guests has enabled us to provide a professional and enjoyable experience right from the first day we started.

Paul F.

I could toot my own horn...but why bother?

The testimonials of people who have actually worked with me say plenty. 

Why do my clients rave? Simple. I care deeply about you and your success. I take it personally. Your success is my success. Likewise, your failure is my failure.

And I don’t like to lose. 

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