I’ve had a lot of run-ins with unresponsive entities. I’ve gotten to the point where unresponsiveness bothers me a whole lot more than a lack of knowledge. 

I’d much rather send an email and get an “I don’t know, I’ll look into that” within a day or so, rather than have days of silence before getting the answer I’m looking for. If I call customer support to complain about something, a simple “I hear your frustrations and I’m sorry for them” does wonders to calm me down.

Can you relate?

I think most people are like that. We care more about knowing that we’ve been heard than we do about the actual issue being solved (although that matters too, of course). 

That’s why today’s tip is to simply be as responsive to your guests as you can.

Airbnb’s requirement is within 24 hours; I challenge you to respond within 2 hours. Your guests will thank you!