Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tip: Stairs

    For most able-bodied people, stairs are no big deal. However, for some people, stairs or even a sloping yard to get into the house can be a prohibitive challenge. That’s why it’s important to make a note of stairs or steep yards on your listing if they exist. Most guests won’t care one […]

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Tuesday Tip: Repeat Yourself

    It’s a verifiable fact that most people don’t read. This applies to your guests, too. Whether you’re trying to convey house rules, access instructions, or something else entirely, don’t assume your guests will read the information just because you’ve written it once.  You need to write it over and over again, in different […]

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Tuesday Tip: Rugs

    Few things tie a room together like a well-chosen rug. If your space doesn’t already have carpeting, consider purchasing a new or gently used rug to make the area feel cozier and more welcoming.  Once you have a good rug, you can easily find matching decor and other items to tie everything together.  […]

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