Tuesday Tip: Travel Brochures



Whenever I travel, I love finding hosts who have taken the time to leave travel brochures from their area in their space. It’s just that extra little detail that really makes me feel welcome.

Including travel brochures has several advantages: they cost nothing, take almost no effort for you to acquire (just stop by a local visitor’s center or something like it), and make a big impact on the quality of your guests’ visit.

Pick up a handful and leave them in your welcome basket today!

Happy hosting!

Tuesday Tip: Local touches



One of my favorite Airbnb stays was in a tent. 

Granted, it was a really fancy tent – had a couch, queen-sized bed, heater and more. But it was still a tent!

What I loved about it so much, though, was not the canvas walls, but the homey touches. This place was in Idaho, and the owner had made sure that we felt the local charm that made her state unique. 

Outside the tent was a hand-written chalkboard sign that said “Here we have Idaho” (the office state song of Idaho). Inside was a jar of what I thought at first were oddly shaped lemons, until I realized they were potatoes. Idaho potatoes – duh! 

It was charming and memorable, which is always a good thing :).

So that’s today’s tip: add memorable details that touch on the local charm of your place. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy hosting!

Tuesday Tip: Rugs



Few things tie a room together like a well-chosen rug. If your space doesn’t already have carpeting, consider purchasing a new or gently used rug to make the area feel cozier and more welcoming. 

Once you have a good rug, you can easily find matching decor and other items to tie everything together. 

Amazon has a great selection of rugs you can buy brand new and have shipped straight to your door. If buying new ends up being a bit out of your price range, Facebook Marketplace is a good place to find gently used items. 

But be careful! Buying a shabby rug, or one that clashes with existing decor, can often be more harmful than helpful. Choose wisely! 🙂

Happy hosting!