Yesterday morning I woke up to great news in my inbox.

If you’ve read much of anything I’ve written over the last few years, you know that I’m a big fan girl of Your Porter.

Your Porter is my recommended messaging management tool for all of my Airbnb listings. They are constantly evolving and adding new features, and I just think they’re the best thing since sliced bread. At this point they do much more than simple message management, and they have quickly become the only tool in my business that I simply could not do without.

Well apparently I’m not the only person who loves the Your Porter / Airbnb marriage.

Yesterday morning Your Porter just announced that they’ve become an official software partner of Airbnb.

This means an even tighter connection than they’ve had before, ensuring faster calendar and pricing syncing and even fewer double bookings across platforms. (Although I’ve actually never had a double booking before, even with the old connection. One of the many reasons I love Your Porter….it’s just so reliable!)

According to Your Porter, this new integration with Airbnb will ensure:

  • No more unlinked Airbnb accounts, even if you change your password
  • No interruptions of syncing reservations and sending automated messages
  • Real-time push notifications for incoming messages
  • Faster onboarding process of the newly added listings
  • More stable calendar relying on the native connection

Now I know that much of this might be press conference hype. And I’m sure there will be some bugs and kinks to work out. But I still believe that this announcement will pave the way for an even better Your Porter product and smoother integration with Airbnb in the future. This, of course, will translate into easier management and happier guests and clients. Wins all around!

To check out Your Porter for yourself, follow this link. New accounts get $20 off of their first bill!