Let me tell you a secret about me.

I really hate talking to people.

Not all the time, and not with everyone, but on the whole I would rather be alone with a book than talking to someone any day of the week. Ironic, isn’t it, considering that I work in the hospitality industry?

Enter my lifesaver, the absolute best tool I’ve found to run my listings professionally without losing my own personal sanity.

Your Porter

Your Porter is, in my opinion, the best tool on the market for managing multiple listings by far. I love it because it allows me to send hundreds of messages automatically, without ever having to actually write a message or actually talk to someone.

Your Porter is not the only tool that offers automated messaging, of course. These days channel managers and automated messaging tools for short term rentals are almost a dime a dozen. In fact, some of the other tools out there actually have a lot more functionality than Your Porter has…but those products are over-engineered, plain and simple. You’ll end up not using 80% of their product offerings, while still paying for them monthly. Your Porter, in my opinion, has the best combination by far of useful features and reasonable pricing.

Here are a few of the amazing features that Your Porter has that I use every day:

  • Messaging templates 
  • Supports both Airbnb and SMS messaging
  • Check-in form
  • Auto-inquiry responses
  • Automated reviews
  • Income reports with split commission fees (particularly useful if you’re working with client owners!)
  • Mobile-friendly
  • You can turn off scheduled messages if needed
  • Directly integrates with both Airbnb and Booking.com; indirectly integrates with many other services
  • Daily task scheduling and notifications
  • Manage multiple Airbnb accounts in a single inbox
  • Financial reporting
  • Airbnb rankings reports
  • And more!

All of this is available for next to nothing. Actually, for beginning hosts (only 1 listing), it IS nothing – totally free. For those with more than 1 listing, it’ll run you between $5 and $7 per listing, per month. Considering that other tools are charging $30 or more per listing per month – or a percentage of bookings, which can get even pricier – you really can’t find a better tool than this at this price. Check it out today at yourporter.com!