When it comes to smart locks, the possibilities seem almost endless. Schlage, Kwikset, Yale, Nest, Gate, Friday….how are you to choose when there are so many options to consider?

I am not an authority on smart locks. There are many brands of smart locks I’ve never even heard of, let alone used. But I do have extensive experience with one smart lock in particular, and have found it to be exceptional for my hosting needs. The lock that I use is the August Smart Lock, and it has proven to be, like Mary Poppins, “practically perfect in every way.” 

August smart locks are a smart choice

Here are, in my opinion, the 5 best features of the August Smart Lock:

1 – Remote management

August is extremely remote-friendly, with the one caveat that it requires the purchase of an additional piece of hardware. The August connect is roughly the size of a phone charger, and it plugs into a standard wall outlet and allows you to manage your lock from anywhere in the world. It is worth every penny of the extra cost. I have managed my lock from the mountains of Italy, to the beaches of Hawaii, to the subway of New York City, and everything in between. The remote management of the August lock allows for an extraordinary amount of freedom and flexibility! 

2 – August smart locks are “app-friendly”

Although August does have a website, it is almost purely for e-commerce. Any changes or updates you might want to make to your lock or its settings will be made through their mobile app. This suits me just fine. The nature of hosting means that I’m often far from my computer….but I always have my phone with me! Being able to rely on making changes through the app gives me security in knowing that I’m never more than a few taps of my phone away from fixing the problem.

3 – Easy set up for personal user codes

A lot of smart locks allow for multiple entry codes. However, many of them also require that you change the entry codes in person. As someone who likes to travel and manages multiple properties all over the state, this simply would not do for me. Plus, if you only have 1 code for your property, that creates a security risk, as previous guests can come back and access the place even after their reservation has ended. With August, I can create unique codes for every guest on my phone whenever I want, and then delete the codes just as easily once the guest has checked out. Easy peasy!

4 – Simple installation

No complicated instructions or steps for installing the August locks, and certainly no professional needed! All you need is a simple deadbolt lock, drill, and screwdriver. The August app will walk you through the rest. After installing about a dozen locks myself, I’ve averaged about 20 minutes for each installation. 

5 – Multiple owners

If you are working with another person – either a co-host, owner or a backup host while you’re away – the ability to add multiple owners is a fantastic feature. It adds an increased level of transparency, without compromising security by requiring everyone involved to log into a single account. Simply add everyone you want to to the lock, give them owner-level access, and voilá. Problem solved. 

If you’re looking into getting a smart lock but are overwhelmed by the possibilities, I hope this has helped you narrow your choices down. I think you’ll be quite the happy camper choosing the August smart lock, available in many styles and finishes. Check them out here!

UPDATE: December 2021
As my business has grown I’ve come across a slight issue with August. If you have more than 10 properties connected to the app, it has a tendency to crash – big time. So if you have less than 10 properties, I’m still sold on August, but if you have more… I’ve finally settled on a replacement with Schlage. They, too, are keyless and remote, and can handle as many properties as you can grow into! (Well, at least as far as I’m concerned; we’ll see how many I’ll be adding this year!)

Let me know what smart locks you use – and what you like about them – in the comments!