Tuesday Tip: Local touches



One of my favorite Airbnb stays was in a tent. 

Granted, it was a really fancy tent – had a couch, queen-sized bed, heater and more. But it was still a tent!

What I loved about it so much, though, was not the canvas walls, but the homey touches. This place was in Idaho, and the owner had made sure that we felt the local charm that made her state unique. 

Outside the tent was a hand-written chalkboard sign that said “Here we have Idaho” (the office state song of Idaho). Inside was a jar of what I thought at first were oddly shaped lemons, until I realized they were potatoes. Idaho potatoes – duh! 

It was charming and memorable, which is always a good thing :).

So that’s today’s tip: add memorable details that touch on the local charm of your place. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy hosting!