Pop quiz:

what’s one of the biggest potential investments you can make in your space, which also has the potential to be most easily destroyed by your guests?

Answer: mattresses.

Which is why you need mattress covers on them all!

Even a cheap mattress is a large investment that should be protected. You’d much rather pay $30-50 to buy a new mattress cover than $500 dollars to buy a new mattress.

Consider it a way to protect your investments. And if you think you’ll never need it…you’re wrong. Just do yourself a favor and go buy one.

And just in case you’re wondering…

How to tell if you need a new mattress

You know the feeling of arriving at your destination, opening the door, and sitting down on a beautifully-made bed…only to sag into the dreaded “mattress hole” (one way of knowing you need a new one!).

And trust me, you certainly DON’T want that to happen to your guests, right?

So here are a few other ways to know you should probably head out and buy a mattress for that mattress cover 😉

1 – The dreaded “mattress sag”, as described above!

2 – It’s more than seven years old – just think about how many guests have slept in it!

3 – Heaven forbid – your guests complain! (And if that’s the case…run out and get one TODAY!)

Here’s an excellent guide on purchasing a new mattress. And really, in this business, it’s money very-well-spent!

Happy hosting!