I’ve had so many guests stay with me whose schedules I knew absolutely nothing about. 

Or perhaps I knew their schedule while here, but I didn’t know where they were coming from, how they were getting around, etc. 

The point is, it’s important as a host to not expect guests to fill you in on every detail of their coming and going. You can still give them a great experience without knowing all the details. 

Most guests won’t fill you in on many details of their trip. But it’s not because they’re being rude or disrespectful.

Try to look at it from their perspective. If you were checking into a hotel, would you expect to have to tell the front desk why you were in town, where you came from, how you arrived, etc? Of course not. You pay your money, get your key, and go to your room. 

In many ways Airbnb is far more personal than staying in a hotel. That’s what so many people like about using it. However, at the end of the day you’re still providing lodging to travelers, just like hotels. And when it comes to filling you in on the details of their trip, many guests will not see a need to keep you informed any more than they do in hotels.

So just go with the flow. Don’t take it personally. 

Now, if there is something you need to know, make sure to ask. For example, perhaps you’re planning on meeting them when they arrive to give them their key and show them around. In that case, you would definitely need to know when they’re getting in!

But if it’s not pertinent information, just learn to accept not knowing. It’s challenging sometimes. I’ve had plenty of guests where I’m constantly thinking “what the heck are you doing here??” 

I’ve finally come to terms with not knowing. If they want to tell me, they will. If not, I’m going to enjoy the time I have with them regardless!