Owner Onboarding Manual


While growing your co-hosting business, this owner onboarding manual will spell out for your clients exactly what to expect. A huge time-saver!

Your purchase of the manual includes a video where I walk you through tweaking the manual for your own business.



This manual will literally save you hundreds of headaches and tons of time as you grow your co-hosting business. It contains all the important information that your client – the property owner – should know, in order for you to work together peacefully and profitably.

It comes as a fully customizable document – download, update, and you’re ready to go. Start by making a copy for yourself as a template. Then, add sections that apply to your particular space, delete sections that don’t apply, or update/modify any that you need. And you can use it over and over as you add new clients!

BNBMadeSimple-owners onboarding manualWithin the manual, there are sections to include:

  • Information about the Airbnb market in your specific location
  • Your particular property evaluation and launch process
  • FAQs about the property’s listing
  • How to handle owner, friends, and family bookings
  • How client payouts are handled
  • How damage claims are handled
  • and MORE!

PLUS, you don’t have to figure it all out! Many sections have the same information that we use in our own business, so you can take a sheet from our playbook and run with it – or be entirely unique: your choice!

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. If you have any questions as to taxes, insurance, or entity status please consult a professional banker, lawyer, CPA, or insurance agent. The information provided above is a general guide. Your specific situation could differ.

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