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Before you ever commit to renting out your space as a short-term rental, you want to have some idea if you’ll make any money! And if you want to co-host a client’s space, well, they’ll want to see if it’ll be worth it as well. This is not something you want to leave to chance or “good luck!”

How good would you be at figuring that out?

This tool will save you SO much time and effort at the start…and help you tweak profits as time goes on. Save potentially hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your business – and discover how to make hundreds more – by adjusting the factors that go into a successful hosting business.

The calculator spreadsheet downloads to your computer. Make a copy, and rename/save it in your own files (important!).

Input your actual amounts in the green (Monthly Expenses) and blue (Rates) areas. As you update your figures in the first two sections, you will see your actual potential profit/loss reflected in the Revenue area.

* Please note: This is the format I use but is not to be considered professional financial advice. Your results may vary.


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