Alright, I have to vent here for a little bit.

I just had some guests leave yesterday, so as usual I went back to clean it and get it ready for the next group. 

All I have to say is…what were they doing in their beds??

The sheets had brown smudges all over them – I hope it was chocolate and not something else. I tried not to think about it too much. Some of the stains had seeped through the sheets onto the mattresses. 

On top of that, one of them must have had an epic nosebleed – the pillowcase was mottled with blood stains. 

OK, so maybe someone just had a really bad night. Looking at things from a different perspective usually helps me get my head back on straight. I’d rather have to buy a new pair of sheets than have a nosebleed all night.

Although that doesn’t explain the chocolate stains (seriously, who eats a whole bag of chocolate chips in a guest bed and doesn’t bother to make sure the chips make it into their mouths?)

**inhales slowly and deeply**

In the effort of keeping a good attitude, though, I feel like I should say this. I’ve been hosting for years and had dozens and dozens of people stay in my house. This is one of the worst things that has ever happened. 

Considering all the horror stories (real or imagined) that could come about by letting strangers into your house, I think I’ve done pretty well so far. Right?