Today’s tip piggybacks well off of a story I recently told on the blog.

Basically, during a trip we took to New Zealand many years ago, we stayed at a, um, very memorable, rental. The days were wonderful – lots to explore and discover… but the nights.

The only thing I clearly remember from our stay with her is how bitterly cold it was in her house. For some reason, she thought it prudent to keep the windows open in the middle of winter. Poor Michael and I were bundled under blankets and huddled next to the heater any time we found ourselves in the house.

As a host, please make sure you give guests the ability to adequately handle temperature control!

Providing blankets, fans, space heaters, etc. goes a long way towards someone enjoying – or not enjoying – their stay.

No one wants to be uncomfortable in their own home – even if it’s their own for only a few days. So do your best to make sure that your guests can keep themselves warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Happy hosting!