We know that honest reviews are important. But how exactly do you write a good, effective honest review?

You could just say something like “great stay, would come back.” But is that actually helpful? Similarly, a review along the lines of “terrible, stay away” doesn’t really help very much, either. 

Here are some things to consider to help you write great reviews.

As a host:

  • Was the guest responsive to your questions?
  • Did they tell you as soon as they had a problem, or wait until after they checked out to complain and request a refund?
  • Did the guest leave the space in good condition?
  • Did they respect your house rules?
  • Did they arrive when they said they were going to arrive?

As a guest:

  • Are the amenities acceptable? (internet, towels and linens, soap and shampoo, etc.)
  • Think about any special needs someone might have (even if you personally don’t have special needs). Are there stairs? A long walk or steep driveway? Narrow doors? These are good things to mention for future guests to be aware of. 
  • Was the host responsive to your needs?
  • Did they leave you anything extra, like tourist brochures or a welcome basket?


These are the types of things that other hosts and travelers want to know about. So try to comment on things of this nature (obviously you don’t have to touch on all of them :]) as often as you can. You should do this whether your comments are positive or negative – either way, it helps people form a more informed opinion in the future.