2020: the year of kindness

If you’re in this business for any length of time, you’ll end up talking with Airbnb support a lot.

I recently got an email from an Airbnb agent closing a thread we’d had going back and forth for a few days. Her message said simply, “Thank you for your response. I really appreciate you being so kind.”

This one hit me right in the gut. I kinda felt like I’d been sucker-punched.

Because the thing is, I had not been “so kind.” I hadn’t even been marginally kind. This was one of the interactions with Airbnb that I can’t say I was particularly proud of how I’d handled.

That’s why her message hit me so hard. Even though I had been rude and reacted in the heat of the moment, she continued to be kind. Isn’t that the definition of the hospitality industry?

As hosts, that’s what we need to do with our guests every day. Be kind…period. Even if they’re rude to us. Even if they make unreasonable requests. It’s easy to assume they’re trying to be rude, but that’s rarely if ever the case. They may just be having a bad day, like I was. It’s our job to be kind, anyway.

(We should do that with everyone we interact with, but obviously sometimes we’re going to blow it, like I did with the Airbnb rep)

This is the start of a new year – a new decade, even. A perfect time for new beginnings. If this is something you’ve struggled with in the past – whether it be with guests, friends and family, strangers, or all of the above – I encourage you to make 2020 the year you turn over a new leaf.

Give yourself grace, of course, because you will mess up…but make this the year you focus on treating all people you interact with with grace, dignity, and kindness…regardless of whether you feel that they deserve it or not.