Hosting stories

Unexpected connections

    Airbnb can facilitate the most unexpected connections. My favorite personal example paved the way for one of the biggest honors of my career! Remember the guest I wrote about last week? The one who cooked enough food to feed an army? Well, there’s more to her stay than I let on.  Her brother […]

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The trick with lending

    During our Colombian invasion, we grew really close to the students who were staying with us. It’s hard not to when you see so much of someone in such a short period of time! By the end of the summer, we had grown comfortable enough with them to even let them borrow our […]

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Be wary of snap judgements

    I had a long conversation once with a man about Airbnb. He had a lot of strong opinions about it. One of the strongest of his opinions was that Airbnb is a service that primarily appeals to younger people. Older people, he presumed, would prefer to more traditional model of hotels and inns.  […]

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