Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tip: Washable shower curtain liners

To save money, many people buy cheap plastic shower liners. It’s true that these usually cost significantly less than washable fabric liners, but it may not be the best move for you in the long run. Over time, everyone’s shower curtain liner starts to get moldy. It’s an unavoidable result in such a wet environment. […]

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Tuesday Tip: Join a support group

We live in an era of unprecedented connectedness. Email, telephone, social media, the internet…there are so many ways to stay in touch with people.  We are also living in a time when services like Airbnb are exploding in popularity. People who wouldn’t have even dreamed of considering hosting on Airbnb 5 years ago are now […]

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Tuesday Tip: Odor eaters

Recently I suggested switching everything you can to unscented products. That only works, however, if the smells are coming from the products.  Sometimes there truly are strange smells in a space. Maybe it’s a basement that can never quite shed those musty odors, or a home located just a little too close to the local paper […]

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