Of all the spaces I host, my favorite ones (ok, well “Harvey” is probably a very close 2nd) are the 2 spare bedrooms in our own house. I love them because it gives me the most interactions with my guests, the best look into other people’s lives. 

It’s important to remember, however, that getting a look into others’ lives means you’re also letting them into yours. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable. It’s still worth it. 

For example, I’ve already written about the Colombian Invasion of last summer. Another great illustration happened just a few months ago.

We had a woman come to stay with her daughter for a long weekend. I think they had a conference to attend, although the details of their trip were never particularly clear. They arrived late one night, and settled in without incident. 

The next day, however, was a different story. 

We came back that evening to find the kitchen in complete chaos. Nearly every one of our pots and pans had been used, as well as our crockpot, blender, and hand mixer. It seemed that our guests had spent nearly the entire day cooking. 

Now, I can’t complain too much, because they made sure to clean up everything after they were finished. It was still a bit of a shock, though. Who cooks that much for a weekend trip?? They said they were just making food to take with them over the weekend, but it looked like they were preparing for a weeks-long expedition. 

A range of emotions flitted over me as I surveyed the mounds of prepared food.

Amusement. Surprise. Slight shock. And mild annoyance. It was, after all, also an inconvenience to me, to have my entire kitchen overtaken by strangers right when I was trying to start on dinner. 

But you know, life doesn’t always go our way. It’s good to be reminded that other people have needs too, that the universe truly does not revolve around us. Sometimes as a host you have to put up with irritations; just like you would as a friend, acquaintance, or family member. Take a deep breath, laugh it off, and move on with your life.

We get to make the choice – and most of the time it’s not worth stressing out about!