Two things that have helped with my business success over the years are checklists and spreadsheets.

Now before you pooh-pooh them, ya’ gotta understand how versatile they are! They have allowed me to do 3 important things, not necessarily in this order:

  1. build a customer service support team (allowing me to offer 24/7 coverage to my clients as an important selling feature),
  2. scale my business (I now manage about 100 properties, many remotely), and – super-importantly –
  3. enabled me to take some precious and much-needed time off with my hubby now and then. (And stay tuned for a post about our latest adventure!)

In this first video, I explain how checklists have helped me scale my business with a new client closing rate of almost 85%!

1 – What you can use checklists for

Well, I started doing this a long time ago when we only rented out a spare bedroom. I did everything I could to bring hygge into the spaceand I’ve written about it on my blog. But if you look around there, you’ll see other pieces I wrote about hospitality. It can be as simple as:

And you can easily do this when you’re just starting out…

manage and scale your business with these 2 essential tools

2 – What you can use spreadsheets for

Another way to know if you’re making your space welcome is to actually book a short stay in it! Yup, that’s right: pack your bags and stay at least overnight and see how things go. Is there enough coffee? Is the kitchen easy to get around in and well-stocked? What does the guest book look like – do you know where to go for fun in the area? Are there cleaning supplies and are they accessible? You may learn a lot! It might be a pleasant surprise – or you may discover room for improvement.