Ah, cleanings. The bane of most short-term rental managers’ existence.

Managers deal with a lot of things – from nightmare guests to demanding clients to unhelpful bookings channels, and everything in between. But I have found that one of the most consistently frustrating and difficult problems is cleaning.

Especially in the times we’re living in, a clean and sanitized place is crucial. And if you have a property that is welcoming and wonderful, it’s going to be sought-after and booked often – so you really have to be able to stay on top of the cleaning, right?!

But how do you make sure that your property is getting cleaned to the same standard of cleanliness every time – no matter who is doing the cleaning? How do you communicate all those new cleanings with your cleaners without pulling your hair out, or wracking your brains to remember if you’ve already scheduled tomorrow’s cleaning or not?

One word: TurnoverBNB.

(I know you could probably argue that that’s not actually 1 word…but whatever, that’s beside the point.)

TurnoverBNB is a great little app that I used to manage all of my cleanings. There are other apps out there that are slicker and prettier. Properly is the main one that comes to mind. But Turnover gets the job done…and it’s free. Why pay extra money when you don’t have to?

TurnoverBNB lets you smoothly and seamlessly manage multiple cleaners, properties, and bookings. You simply sync up your calendar into their system, and they will automatically create cleaning jobs whenever a new booking is made. You can even restrict certain properties to certain cleaners.

It’s a game-changer! Once it’s set up, you’ll never have to worry about scheduling a cleaner again.

Try it out today at Turnoverbnb.com.

What tricks do you have to manage your cleanings effectively? Let us know in the comments below!