If you’ve been hosting for any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced a period when you wanted to quit.

Whether it’s a nightmare party, needy guest, or just a day you don’t want to clean, it’s impossible to work in this industry without getting tired and worn out sometimes.

Personally, I love hosting. We host parties in our home 2 or 3 times a month and host Airbnb guests probably at least half of the year, every year. But even I have days when I want to throw in the towel.

I’ve found a simple trick to help keep me going.

I put a guestbook in the rooms for people to sign.

It’s not compulsory, and many people don’t write anything in it. But the ones who do…those messages warm my heart every time I read them. They’re full of heartfelt thank-yous, reminiscences of great memories, and exclamation points. So many exclamation points!!

This guest book has become a great solace to me on those days when I want to dive into a hole and just give up. It keeps me motivated even when I really (think I) want to quit.

I’ll curl up on my couch with a big fuzzy blanket and just read the thank yous from all the wonderful people who have stayed in our home. And it refreshes and encourages me like you wouldn’t believe.

If you don’t already have a guestbook in your Airbnb spaces, I encourage you to get one today. A simple, lined travel journal will suffice.

What tips do you have to stay motivated when you want to quit? Share them in the comments!