Message Template Bundle


Templates allow you to be consistent with your message and convey accurate information time and time again to your guests – edit them once with the unique details for your space and you’re good to go! Save yourself headaches, forgetting to convey vital info, and hours of time by using these models.


BNB message templateSave time and miscommunication with your guests with these message templates. Send them on your own or add them to YourPorter or whatever channel manager you use to send them automatically. They contain shortcodes that you can edit with whatever relevant information you need from your guest’s reservations.

Included are:

  • Welcome message
  • Check-in Instructions
  • Safety reminders
  • “First-morning” follow-up
  • Reservation extension instructions
  • Check-out instructions
  • Review request
  • Direct booking notification
  • Instructions for editing and scheduling suggestions

This product comes in the form of a customizable Google Doc, and you will need to have a free Google account to customize and use it. Please note: You will not receive a physical product.


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