Stupidity is overcome-able

Bnb - stupidity is overcomeable

Last week I got a text from a guest that said, “you have a hole in your kitchen wall.” Let me tell you what, that got my attention! I immediately asked her where the hole was; she responded with “behind the dishwasher.” This made me a little confused. “You can’t see behind the dishwasher,” I […]

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Tuesday Tip: Creative hospitality

Offer your guests creative hospitality

There are many aspects to hospitality, and as short-term rental hosts, we have the opportunity, privilege, and responsibility to explore ways to make our guests feel at home and comfy in our space. Comfort-wise, there are a few things that you should always provide for your guests, such as towels and soap. But that’s just […]

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Tuesday Tip: Get a backup host

We all need a “backup” in our lives. I mean, even a host needs to get away sometimes. Sometimes…especially a host! We need the opportunity to take a wonderful, magical vacation. Eat great food, meet amazing people, see fantastic views, and more. Or, at least, catch a little r and r, and grab the chance […]

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