Tuesday Tip: Indoor Privacy Locks

Make sure the bedroom and bathroom doors can be locked from the inside

If you’re hosting a private space in your home, make sure you have locks on the bedroom and bathroom door nobs. However much you may trust your guests and they may trust you, you’re still strangers! Give everyone peace of mind by being able to lock the door should they so desire.  This applies whether […]

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A new “spin” on hospitality

There are different types of hospitality

I recently had a long conversation in the home of a friend of mine.  (And, spoiler alert, this is what led to my new “spin” on hospitality!) Although she’s American, she has spent many years abroad (including Japan and Turkey). Consequently, she has adopted many of the traditions of hospitality that are so common and […]

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Tuesday Tip: House Rules

Have house rules for your guests

Are there certain things you don’t want your guests to do in your space? Perhaps you don’t want them to smoke in the house, or you’d like them to take their shoes off when they enter, or you have certain quiet hours that you want enforced. Make sure you include them in the house rules! […]

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