The tragic snowball effect of the retaliatory review

the retaliatory review

I’m in a lot of Facebook groups for hosts only. In many of them, there’s this disturbing theme I’ve noticed going around lately. Basically, it goes something like this. Something negative happens during the guest’s stay. Either an obvious issue or the guest seems to be complaining a lot, overly needy, etc. So the host […]

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Your first job as a host

your first job as a host

I’m a member of a lot of groups for hosts on Facebook. Many of them are very helpful, offering lots of great tips and strategies for more successful hosting. However, there’s also a common thread among them that is not as helpful: complaining. Oh my word. Some of these hosts complain like you wouldn’t believe. […]

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One way to find new STR clients

how to find STR clients

As an Airbnb property manager, I’ve learned that one of the biggest challenges we face is finding good, quality clients to work with. With some problems, after you figure out a way to solve the issue once, you don’t need to deal with it again. It’s one and done. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with […]

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How to price your space

how to price your space

One of the most daunting challenges that new hosts can face is knowing how to appropriately price their space.  If you’re new to the world of short-term rentals, pricing your space can be a completely overwhelming challenge. You might not have any idea of the market trends in your area. Perhaps the only thing you […]

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